26 May

     The last month I have been on a writing hiatus, enjoying an extended vacation with my family to the sunny state of Florida. As with all vacations, it was fun, but tiring, and also filled with wonderful experiences, sights, sounds, and of course, LEARNING situations.

     The first thing I learned, even from the get go, was that not all drivers drive like I do. Taking Routes 81 to 95 to Jacksonville, we were bombarded by reckless drivers, some doing excess of 90 mph, few using signals, and almost always blaming you for not for their poor lack of judgement. 

     The second thing I learned, which I basically already knew,  is that Florida is a long way ways from New York. Even though we broke it up into three days, even the closest city in Florida is a long and tiring trip.

     The fourth thing I discovered is that not all hotels are the same, even if they're owned by the same4 company. Some have laundry, some don't, some have indoor pools, some don't, and some have hot breakfasts where others have complimentary treats instead.

     Also, rental car policies are different in different states. When faced with a tire issue, I had to buy a new tire because the rental company would not switch out the vehicle for a new one. I also needed an oil change, which the station at first refused to do because it was a rental, but after pleading with the young woman manager for a little sympathy, she was happy to oblige. I pleased to say the rental car company made good on refunding both the tire and the oil change.

      I also discovered that in Florida there as a whole different mind set when it came to the epidemic and the mask issue. Most places had signs, but there was no debate when you entered without one, nor should there be if you are vaccinated, under the new rules by the CDC. I was surprised to come home and find them more relaxed here as well, but they were. The only places with mask rules were Disneyworld and Seaworld.

      Some other things l learned was be prepared for anything, keep organized while packing in and out of the car, know your GPS well, don't pack your into your schedule than you can handle, and make sure nothing is left behind. Vacations can be fun, or a nightmare depending on how you plan them. Tomorrow, I will talk more about my trip and the many sights and sounds that filled the air.

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