11 Jan

     Whether you are Democratic, Republican, or Independent, there is no doubt that this country is more divided than it has been years. With all the upheaval going on there is a huge division between people who support soon to be ex president Trump and those who don't. Covid has taken its toll on the community, and people are looking for promise from the new administration that the vaccine will be delivered promptly and efficiently. This blog, however, isn't about either side's victories or failures; it's the question of what you would do as president.

    Hypothetically, suppose you were in President's Trump position,  inheriting a deficit as all recent presidents have,  what would you do to fix it? Would you raise income taxes? Place tariffs on foreign goods? Raise property taxes, or provide a stimulus to reboot the economy?

     How would you handle the recent riots and demonstrations on both sides? Would you send in the National Guard, or would you let cities burn to the ground by the rioters? How would you handle racial relations, would you work to bring unity, or would you work towards division, or would you ignore the issue all together?

     There are many issues that could be discussed here regarding this, but we all have to remember that ANY president has one of the toughest jobs on this Earth, and the responsibility of the world on his shoulders. I can only speak for myself, but for a mere $300,000  a year with perks, to me it's just not worth it. Not worth the aggravation of the press questioning every move I make, which has happened with other presidents by the way, not worth worrying about the nuclear arsenal half a world away, not worth figuring how to combat an unstoppable virus; just not worth it!                                                         

     Let us assume you were president, how would you handle the following issues? Here are some of my own thoughts on the subject and how I would handle them.

Term Limits- The time has been long overdue for term limits. The president has an 8 year term, but federal, state and local representatives can run as long as they are re-elected. This practice needs to end, in my opinion. 8 years is sufficient time to make a change in government. No one, Democratic or Republican should make a career of it.

Checks and Balances- Although the Democratic party won both houses, this presents a major problem within our government. Gridlock, although unpleasant, is necessary for all sides to present their demands, arguments and votes. I would make sure each house had one more delegate who was an independent, not connected to either party.

Gun Control- This is a tricky one, and has caused much debate. According to the constitution, you have a right to bear arms equivalent to those of a treasonous government, which would include machine guns and automatic rifles as well. These have been repeatedly banned over the years, and are about to be again.  I do believe people have a right to defend themselves, but they shouldn't need an arsenal to do it. I believe in extensive background checks, but do not believe in restriction of ammunition's, or having a separate registration other than your gun license or permit. The issue here would be the opposition from gun control groups, who seek that all guns be removed, which will not solve the problem, which is people, not guns. When you take away the public's right to defend themselves, than only criminals and cops will be the ones with guns.

Division- As far as race or political party is concerned, we need to start thinking of each other as fellow human beings, all the same race, the human race. Morgan Freeman once said the only way to solve the race problem is to stop talking about it. I totally agree; we need to treat everyone as equal, including starting by removing the question on job applications. As far as riots go, both sides need to sit and talk. Our leaders to not help by fueling the rhetoric, and as far as I'm concerned Biden and Trump are equally guilty of this. Biden made an attempt to quell the fire, but it was undermined by the recent riot and Pelosi's determination to have the president removed for a second impeachment. In the case of police and the community, there needs to be open communication on both sides, and better interaction and cooperation from the community itself. Neighbors need to band together to keep the riff raff out of their neighborhoods; only then can we make a difference.

These are just a few issues to consider in the position, and I believe when anyone goes to vote, you must keep this in mind. The president has a job that few people want, and few people can operate effectively without disruption, ridicule, or judgement from others. What will 2021 bring? Only time can tell, and hopefully America will survive to heal their animosities toward one another.


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