BARGO LYNDEN: ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Bargo Lynden is a Blacksmith Apprentice from a land called the Shudolin, and belongs to a mythical race called the Woblos. He learns of Shala, father of their race, and how his people were once human, and changed into animals by a jealous Elvin king, and the staff which will allow them to become human again. He is called upon by the King's Royal Guard to venture into enemy territory to rescue King Timothy, and Bargo's cousin, Barlow, from an evil Elf named Ang, a disciple of the evil wizard named Garlock. An enemy race called the Licarions has recently invaded parts of the Shudolin, bringing the land on the verge of war. The Royal Guard members are led by Glam, an Elf who is also an old time adversary of Ang's. Glam introduces Bargo to a world of faith and magic, where a powerful stone and staff are used to defeat evil, and reveals the history of Bargo's people, and the hidden gift within himself. The Woblo is faced to confront the wicked disciple himself, and use the staff, stone, and an ancient Elvin sword as his weapons. He must choose between his friends' lives or his own to defeat an evil spell on the land, and suppress a forbidden love for a human woman he has known since childhood. AUTHOR PRICE