BARGO LYNDEN: WIZARDS AND WARLOCKS Bargo Lynden, Blacksmith-turned wizard embarks on a journey to destroy evil at its source by killing the evil sorcerer Garlock on Bereuka Island. He is assisted by his mentor, Galong, his cousin, Captain Joe Garkee, and his good friend, Barton. They enlist the help of the Shudolin Naval forces, who provide them with ten ships to sail to the faraway lands. They face giant birds, bats, and insects, treacherous weather, giant whirlpools, sea monsters, and even mermaids in their task. At home, King Glam and the Shudolin are faced with a new threat, when Phillip's half sister, Camilla, invades the castle with an army of Grassmen. Ang, believed dead, resurfaces, as well, forming a pact with her and King Glazar, leader of the Licarions. With just Lilly, Bargo's cousin, and a town full of Woblos, they do their best to defend their homeland, but must eventually ask for the help of the Elvin Kingdom to defeat the invading forces. Bargo Lynden must fight to quell the conflict in the land, and eliminate the source of Garlock's and Ang's power. Join this second part of this mystical adventure of religion, magic, faith, romance, and a Woblo's decision whether to give up the wizardry, and become human as his kind once was, or remain the most powerful creature in Elvin history. $17.00 AMAZON $17.00 BARNES & NOBLE $4.99 KINDLE AUTHOR PRICE ADD $6.00 SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS.

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