DIMENSION LAPSE III: DIMENSIONAL BREAKDOWN Join the continuing adventures of Jeff Walker, former Martian turned Ventrosion, and his crew as they travel through space and time to correct the catastrophes of the past, and restore a sense of order in a chaotic multiiverse. Little Louis Avery is abducted by an alien entity right in front of his parents. He returns ten years later in an apocalyptic world to find he hasn't aged, his parents have died, and his sister is much older than him. General Albert Carver is an overzealous investigator who runs special classified projects, such as Louis' abduction, and the retrieval of an extraterrestrial craft which NASA possesses. He engages in immoral and inhuman behavior towards his prisoners and patients, even those close to him, all in the name of science, and orders from top chain commanders. Walker again must stop a chain of events involving Dr. Avery and his daughter, Angelica which will change the future of mankind. With the help of Jeff's grandfather, Major Thomas Walker, and a team of intergalactic soldiers, they must try to reverse a future of yet another attempted extermination of the human race. Will they be able to stop the systematic elimination in time, or will humans cease to exist in both universes? AUTHOR'S PRICE