AN IMPOSSIBLE FIGHT IN AN UNHABITABLE LAND The skies grew dark over the land of the Shudolin, but the clouds did not come from the west, they came from far away in the east, where the evil had taken a foothold, and where no man dared to venture. It took a Woblo named Admiral Joeseph Garkee to explore the new lands and seek the only defense against such evil. Faced against his old nemesis Ang and his army of Glorcs and graimars, Joe must seek a balance of diplomacy and his orders to colonize the new lands. With the help of his Woblo turned Elf cousin Bargo Lynden, who is a king and wizard, and a mysterious masked man who calls himself the " Eagle", they seek the device to finish all evil and save the king's 7-year-old son from eternal damnation, and the clutches of one of the true dark lords. Back in the Shudolin, a worried young Woblo woman named Stella worries about her long-lost love. She is forced to decide whether to marry a man who loves his money more than her wishes for a secure future for herself or wait for the missing admiral she had that one special night with back in Bashworth. Meanwhile, Queen Lilly struggles with her own decisions on the teachings of her son by his wizard father and the consequences it may bring to the entire world if he falls to the dark forces. This continuation of the Shudolin saga is packed with suspense, romance, and the sparkle of faith and magic that makes all good fantasy novels worth reading. 30.00 AMAZON 30.25 BARNES AND NOBLE AUTHOR PRICE

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