DIMENSION LAPSE IV-JOURNEY TO ALDRON Angelica Avery and Jeff Walker have left their former lives to chase their adversary, Varloo, into yet another universe. They must stop him from creating a race of savage hybrids, and a device capable of the manipulation of matter itself. Along with them are Major Avery's android, Cely, and one of the Republic's best operatives, his good friend Batar. The party of four sets out in search of the renegade Andronian in the Matari star system, where Zacharas is located. After leaving one of its moons, Maol, they are chased by a Zacharian slave trader named Garmoto, and are forced to resolve an incident with the Zacharians by negotiation. Captain Walker seeks to forge a treaty between the Zelorions and Zacharians, but falls short when Varloo interferes with their objective, as Angelica continues to seek the truth about her own past, and her father's connection with the future. This next installment of the Dimension Lapse multiverse takes the wormhole travelers to a new place and time, where everything they have come to know about their own universe has changed, and the past paves the way for a new future for all races. They face new people and challenges, and an old friend as well, who unlocks the key of compassion to insure his own kind's survival. $12.00 AMAZON $ 3.99 KINDLE $12.00 BARNES & NOBLE AUTHOR PRICE ADD $6.00 SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS.

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