Precious Cargo: Book III of the Aldron Series: Part VI of the Dimension Lapse Multiverse Series Captain Angelica Avery must transport a shipment of cargo for the Andronians and deliver it to a strange race called the Celetriates, who are over 12 light-years away from Aldron. Batar and Cely also assist her in the task and all goes well until systems shut down on the ship one by one. Commander Batar is abruptly called away by the High Council of Aldron on a peacekeeping mission to Zeloria, under the direction of Commander Altair and the crew of the Varamishu. The space-time traveler is deceived by those he thought he could trust and finds out he is really on a mission to exterminate Zeloria’s interstellar neighbors, the Zacharians, and help the Andronians maintain control of the galaxy. Angelica must fight for survival against a force like she has never known, without the help of her friends or crew. Even her android falls prey to the entity, which devours all energy, even from living beings. She is befriended by an unlikely alien ally who knows more about her world than herself and even offers her hope for a new and exciting life. Together they must fight to defeat the force before it encompasses the entire galaxy and destroys even those who created it and want to exploit its power. Join this riveting thrill ride of science fiction, the sixth installment of The Dimension Lapse Multiverse series, and third book of The Aldron Series, as it explores what happens when a mad alien scientist goes a little too insane. $25.00 AMAZON $25.00 BARNES & NOBLE AUTHOR PRICE ADD $6.00 SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS.

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