DIMENSION LAPSE V: RETRIBUTION They chased him across three universes to bring him to justice. Now that they finally found Varloo, they must face the Zacharians, Garlicians, and Catriats to capture him and bring him before the council for punishment. The crew of Captain Jeff Walker, Angelica Avery, Batar, and Cely passes through a warp in space time, left again with more questions than answers, a crippled craft, and slim chances for survival. With the help of their android they attempt repairs, but it is short lived when Garmoto resurfaces from the void as well, ready to seek revenge. The Zacharian slave trader is the least of the problems, however, as Varloo's quest for power becomes stronger. They must destroy the remaining Triachilite, and overcome Varloo's army of renegade Andronians and hybrids before they take over the planet of Aldron, and the rest of the galaxy. Join the crew of the Barlika in this riveting fifth part of the Dimension Lapse Multiverse collection, as they battle against the odds of time and space to stop an idealistic renegade from destroying a replica of his home planet, and corrupting a peaceful culture forever. AUTHOR PRICE