Martian science specialists Jeff Walker and Lori Anderson set off on an adventure into the unknown as they are sent on a mission to investigate the source of an ultraviolet beam of light which originates from the canyon Valles Marineris. Commander Beckerson is an overzealous thirty-year military man, determined to find the source of the transmission and those who sent it, in an effort to eliminate whatever threat it poses. President Barclay is a diplomat faced with an impossible situation and must negotiate to save mankind from permanent extinction. Together they venture into a vast underground complex designed to deter all those who enter it. They face the dust storms of Mars, power disruptions, and armed robots as they progress towards their destination. Once they find the caretaker, they realize reality is not what it seems, and there is unspeakable truth about their past that will alter their future forever. Nicholas T. Davis, author of the Dimension Lapse Series, takes us on an adventure of alternate realities and parallel universes, teaching us that the past can sometimes alter the future in ways we can’t imagine. AMAZON $8.50 B & N $8.50 KINDLE $2.99 AUTHOR PRICE (ADD $4.00 FOR SHIPPING)

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