BARGO LYNDEN: THE POWER OF THE DARK LORD It’s been three years since Bargo Lynden gave up the wizardry, and is just getting used to having a somewhat normal life. After a strange visitor comes to Woblo Town and inquires about some black powder Bargo has kept in secret, the former wizard hears a voice he believes to be Shala, but is really the dark force of Gootock, the ancient Glorcion sorcerer. The voice tells him to eliminate the visitor, which backfires and leaves him disfigured. The incident prompts Bargo to search for the location of the staff, and seek revenge on those who have brought misery in his life. It sends him on a journey across the ocean to rediscover his role in an ancient Elven Order, and whether he can resist the temptations that will descend him into a path of evil. King Glam has his share of problems when Camilla and Glazar escape, and he is forced to put a price on their heads. He learns of Bargo’s involvement with the visitor, Mr. Micah Devlin, and that the former wizard had possession of the illegal black powder. It leaves Glam in an awkward position with the Elven Council, and he seeks the help of Rhiatu and his old friends; Barton, Barlow, Joe, and Lilly to pursue their friend Bargo and stop him from making the mistake of his life. Ang has regained control of the Glorcion Empire and is preparing to invade the Shudolin. He knows of Bargo’s possession and plans to use it to his advantage, hoping he will become his next apprentice. The wizard and his friends must fight Ang’s legions of terror, the massive, hairy beasts known as the Glorcs, giant wasps, bees, ants, scorpions, and even crows. Join this final installment of this exciting fantasy adventure series, as an undecisive wizard struggles with the decision to use his magic for good or evil, and whether to follow his roots, or follow his heart, and become human again. AMAZON'S PRICE $17.00 BARNES & NOBLE $17.00 KINDLE $4.99 AUTHOR PRICE ADD $6.00 SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS.

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