Admiral Joe Garkee continues his fight against Ang and his forces of darkness after the evil sorcerer loses his main source of power, the Staff of Rontor to the resurrected white wizard Galong alias "The Eagle." Joe finds himself on equal ground, launching a strategic attack on his enemy, despite the Eagle's wishes and the ancient prophecy as written in the Elven bible. Back in the Shudolin, a troubled Elven King Bargo Lynden struggles with the decision of how to train his powerful son and savior of the Shudolin without him falling to the powers and temptations of the dark Lord while dealing with his own domestic threat on the Shudolin from an invading ship of Glorcs. Their cousin Barlow assists him in the task of dealing with their unwanted visitors in his own special way. The battle for good and evil rages on, as the admiral and his fleet travel to strange new lands to establish trade and commerce and forge a strong presence in The Far Away Lands. Victories and tragedies, hope and despair, and loves lost haunt the men under his command, and all search for a treasure derived from an ancient story where wizards ruled the world. Join Nicholas T. Davis as he takes us on an adventure of high seas battles, mythical creatures, and magic in the second book of his Joe Garkee series, a sequel to the Bargo Lynden series. Riveting action, magic, and ancient prophecies fulfilled lead to an exciting adventure and the quest for peace in a turbulent world. $30.00 BARNES AND NOBLE $30.00 AMAZON ADD $6.00 TO THIS ORDER.

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