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My name is Angelica Avery, and I was born on the planet Earth in 2033. My father was Dr. Louis Avery, a brilliant geneticist and rocket propulsion scientist. I helped him build two prototype spacecraft capable of traveling through wormholes, technology that was years ahead of anything NASA ever developed. We also built my android, Cely.

When my father refused to cooperate with them, they had him committed as mentally ill, and tried to steal his technology. My father was too smart or them, and used secret codes to lock them out.  I helped him escape, and we stole the only two prototypes, traveling through a nearby wormhole.

When I had emerged, I found my calculations had been way off, 80 years to be exact. I was in suspended animation for that long, and now assumed my father was long dead, until I received his homing beacon on Tolaria. When I got there, I found nothing but a cold, barren world.  His base had been destroyed and buried, and I had the misfortune of being stranded there as well.

I met the survivors; a bunch of rebellious humans and aliens, defiant against the race known as the Tolarions, and the governing alliance called the Galactic Republic of Peaceful Civilizations. I also had the misfortune of meeting the Tolarion leader, Balta, a biological accident created by my father. He spoke of a man named Jeff Walker, who was supposedly responsible for my father's death. Once I learned the truth about what my father had done, I was shocked.

And this Varloo frightens me.  Should I trust this evil looking alien or not? He claims to be helping me, but also makes every effort to hamper my progress.  He seems equally bitter with Balta and Akira; and seems to be in it for his own motives.

When I met a man called Steve Rollings, I thought he was just as arrogant and selfish as the rest of them.  I learned later that he was a loving and compassionate man, and I knew then that I was attracted to him. Our age difference didn't matter to me; I knew that if we got through this alive, he was the man for me.

He reminded me of my fiance, Thomas Walker, who also worked with us on the propulsion project. When I found out that he was involved in my father's commitment, I immediately broke it off with him. I felt I could no longer trust him; and I had to protect my father at all costs. When I met his grandson, Jeff Walker, in the future, my viewpoint completely changed.  Could my father have been the evil, diabolical man that everyone thought he was?........


My name is Steve Malone, and I was born on the planet Mars. I entered the Martian Academy when I was 18 years old, and worked as a rocket propulsion mechanic for thirty years of my life.  I was abducted by the Tolarions, as were the rest of the survivors from the attack on the Mars base. I was then brought to a planet in another universe called Alokia; a dry hot dusty place, where I was imprisoned for the next two years.

At first, I was grateful that the Galactic Republic of Peaceful Civilizations rescued us, but when they attacked Tolaria and its empire, they left some of us there to die. That's when I felt nothing but contempt for the empire and the Republic. When we met Balta face to face, I felt like killing him right then and there.  And this Angelica Avery really pissed me off, as it was her father who created the whole mess.

They dragged me off the world, but not to a better place, to a world called Garlicia, that was even more brutal. If I could only find a way off this ship, I'd go somewhere where no one would find me.  Right now I'm scared that I won't make it through this ordeal.  This man named Jeff Walker is supposed to save us, but I have my doubts anyone from the Republic can.  Angelica called me "selfish" and "arrogant," but I really just want a chance to prove that I'm really not as bad as she thinks.  If I could only change things somehow, I would've gotten off that barren rock when everyone else did......


My name is Steve Rollings, and I was also born on Mars, and entered the academy at just sixteen.  I worked my way up the ladder until I was Director of Security Systems, and responsible for all secret projects, including rocket propulsion systems, and terraforming operations. There was no need for defensive security before the Tolarions came and changed everything. The attack was sudden and unexpected, and even though I couldn't have stopped it, I still felt somewhat responsible.

I helped with the resistance group that Col. John Carver formed under the Alokian complex.  Those of us that were able to escape left to help in the Republic's battle against Tolaria.  I didn't expect to be left behind, but I was knocked unconscious from debris, and woke up with just enough time to seek refuge under the complex. I don't blame the Republic, as Malone does, but then my mind is not as simple as his either.  It was just an unfortunate circumstance that was unavoidable.

When I first met Angelica, I thought she was a naive young girl who had no idea what she was getting herself into.  After all, the Tolarions were a brutal race who could chew her up and spit her out like nothing.  I changed my mind when I saw her other side; a determined, resourceful woman, well trained in the Martial Arts, and extremely intelligent. I started to respect her, and look at her as a daughter-like figure.

As time went by, I could see that she felt an attraction toward me. At first, I didn't reciprocate because of our age difference.  When we were forced into several brutal situations, and faced death, I began to sense that maybe I did love her, even more than just a daughter, and that maybe this would be my last chance to love any woman.

My first wife passed away in the attack on Mars, and my kids were somewhere on Sentros living a different life, and believing I was dead as well. This was my only promise of a new beginning; if I could only get through these brutal customs unscathed.......



My name is Lori Anderson, and I have known Major Jeff Walker since we were both young adults.  At first, I wasn't very fond of him; I thought of him as a smart alec, and goof off.  As I got to know him better, I tried to have a relationship with him, but he was stubborn and pig-headed.

I first met him at the academy when I was just seventeen. I was studying for a career in communications systems, and hoped someday to be Director of Communications on the Martian base.  All that came to an end, however, when the Tolarions invaded, and shipped us out like animals to their slave world called Alokia.  Jeff had disappeared shortly before that, and I began to reconsider my feelings for him; thinking maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

We were imprisoned on that dust bowl for almost two years, and I thought for sure that I would die there.  It wasn't until John Carver started the resistance group that I felt I had at least a chance at survival. When I heard from the lingworts that Jeff was still alive, but still in danger, it made me even more determined to get out of there.

When we defeated Balta's empire and went back to the tropical island on Ventros, I thought our troubles were over. Boy, was I ever wrong!  The sneaky bastard wasn't dead, even after Jeff kicked him off a 150 feet cliff, and came back with a vengeance. I begged Jeff not to go after him, but he felt it was his duty to  right what someone else had wronged.  Little did I know, it would send us on an adventure of a lifetime........

Lt. Wilson

My name is Lt. Elizabeth Wilson, and I was born on Mars as well. I have worked in communications under Col. John Carver since the academy days. Lori and I used to work together on the Martian base, until it was invaded.  After the war, I was offered a position on board a battle cruiser, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I had no idea that it would end in such a tragedy.

When the Renake was destroyed, and we were forced to flee to Zacharas, I was unaware of the perils that were facing us.  When our escape ship was attacked, and crashed on  the hyper-tropical world, we were forced to endure 110° heat, giant insects, and a brutal battle between tribes. I lost my best friend that day, Ensign Carlita Vega, and was attacked by a bat-like creature that almost killed me.  I began to wonder if this trip was even worth it......



My name is Batar, and I am an Andronian, and what the Earth and Mars people refer to as a "Grey." I come from another universe, and from a civilization that has survived several millennia. We have traveled in between universes for a long time, and have even been known to travel through time itself. Our ancestors were mistaken for gods on Earth, as well as other planets.

Some of my race are peaceful, as I am, and help the Republic understand physics, mathematics, linguistics, and other secrets of the universe. There are others, however, such as my nemesis, Varloo, who will do anything to cause interstellar war, and disrupt the time continuum. If I know him, he will be sly and resourceful, and do anything to reach his selfish goals.

I met John Carver when the Republic assigned me to his Battleship as an operative, knowing too well that Varloo had been assisting Balta and Akira in their so-called "alliance." When the Renake was annihilated, I had to reveal my covert status, and assist in Carver's mission, despite the fact that we were carrying primitive amphibious beings that weren't trained in any of this.  I knew in the end that even though the odds were against us, we would prevail.

It hasn't been easy being around humans and their mixed emotional state.  Emotions can get the better of them, causing them to make irrational decisions. Mr. Walker seems more intent on finding this "Balta," and ending his life than completing the mission. I just hope that his anger doesn't interfere with his judgement......

Tomorrow, we'll look at three more of our interesting cast of characters- Varloo, Garlona, and Cely, the android. Until then, check out the new novel available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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My name is Garlona, and I was born on the planet Tarlon, which orbits the Red giant sun of Varma I, and am a reptilian. I was raised in the Karatan Desert, in the city of Araki, where we trained to fight against the Republic. I was first enlisted as an infiltration operative against the Republic, who often hired Tarlons as double agents and informants.

After years of listening to rhetoric against the Republic government by the Tarlons and Tolarions, I decided to use my talents for my own purposes instead.  I joined forces with my friend Varloo, an Andronian, and decided to discover the secret to the formula of Triachilite, which was locked inside Angelica Avery's android's data banks.

She thought that we were helping her, but Varloo's power went to his head, and I no longer could trust my loyal friend.  Unaware to him, I had been assigned by the Republic to be John Carver's contact, in hopes that he and his operatives could stop Balta and Varloo from completing their evil plan. Because of his mind-reading abilities, I had to be specially conditioned genetically, using a drug to block his thought transmissions.

But even with the drug, he had control over my mind, and I had to follow his orders, even though I didn't want to.  I helped Carver and Walker with his mission, and then I quietly disappeared into the darkness......



My name is Varloo, and I am an Andronian. I have been scarred by the way our race has been treated across the galaxy.  The Zacharians hate us, the Tolarions and Garlicians use us, but still hate us, and the Republic shows indifference because of our neutral stances. I myself have shunned all of them, only to set my own goals, and my own destiny.

I first met Angelica on Tolaria, but I had met her father almost 150 years before that on Earth. I couldn't go into detail with that with her because it would give away my plans. Even though she was interference to me, I couldn't eliminate her either, for I needed her knowledge to obtain the Triachilite formula, and to alter the Tolarions' genes.

I had first worked with Balta as an effort to defeat my enemies, but when I felt that he longer needed me, I no longer could trust his actions.  I decided the best way was to eliminate his entire species by infecting their genes through the clones he intended on making.

And Batar, that traitorous sneaky weasel was hunting me down using his telepathy, working for the Republic the whole time.  Little did he know, that I had a few tricks of my own.........



My name is Cely, and I am a Cybernetic organism, or android, running on Hydraulic fluids for my blood, and a quantum computerized brain.  I am the closest thing to a human, without being human. I was designed by Ms. Avery and her father in the year 2054, under the direction of the NASA Space Initiative, and the prototype of what was to become a series of androids to use in long distance space reconnaissance missions.

After her father went AWOL, Ms. Avery and I followed him past Jupiter and through a wormhole , and ended up 80 years into the future, and in another universe. She hoped that her father was alive, but the probability of him surviving was slim.  We were captured by the survivors of a fusion explosion, and later imprisoned by a creature called Balta, apparently a product of Dr. Avery's cloning experiments.

Angelica and I tried to take control of his ship, and stop his plan to destroy half the galaxy, but were unsuccessful.  I don't remember any more than that, because my memory banks were tampered with by the Andronian named Varloo.  I know we were being taken to the red dwarf planet named Garlicia.  After that, things began to get a fuzzy.........

Monday, we'll introduce the last two central characters to our novel; John Carver and Angelica Avery.  Balta, Jeff Walker, Dormiton and Milgic are central as well, but they have been introduced in the first book. There are several minor characters as well, including Zarcon's brothers, Zatar and Zatilla, but you'll have to read the book to find out about them.  Afterall, I can't give away the whole plot.



My name is John Carver, and I was born in space on a sub-orbital space station called Tiamos. From there, my parents moved to Mars, and i joined the academy.  My grandfather, General Albert Carver, started the NASA Space Intiative, way back in 2015, after a nuclear war almost destroyed Earth, and people were forced to live underground for the next fifty years.

I joined the Mars academy when I was just sixteen, becoming one of the youngest recruits, and scoring higher than anyone else on the Commander part of the test. I rose through the ranks quickly and became Commander of Interplanetary Research and Science.  When I joined the Galactic Republic of Peaceful Civilizations, they immediately gave me the rank of Colonel and commander of a battleship, named the Renake.

I first met Major Jeff Walker when he was a cadet, and he was insubordinate and insolent. As time went on, he learned to adapt to the program, and actually became one of my best students, and an expert at handling high stress situations.  It was in this capacity that I specifically asked for him for this new mission. I thought he was the perfect match, but as usual, he had to go and disobey my orders!

Which is why we're in this mess now, and face the evil dictator Balta once again.  If I get through this mission, it'll be a miracle! We've already faced an attack that has left our ship crippled, and sent us in a direction we wish not to go in; towards a world where it is 110° in the shade, and we're facing a civil war with six feet tall arthropods......



My name is Akira, leader of the world of Garlicia. I was born there, and brought up in the rituals of the culture, a war-like society, where strength and brutality determined how powerful you are.  I was personally asked to replace Riona once I had heard of his unfortunate death. My only wish was that I could have been there to lunge my weapon into his assassin's heart.

When I had heard of news that Walker was alive, it surprised me that Balta hadn't been more thorough in his efforts to have him eliminated. When I met Akros' daughter, I was relieved to see that she had the same persistence and resilience as her father.

Even though I admire Balta, and hope to one day take over the alliance he will create, I still have to admit that I'm unsure about some of his methods.  He is reckless and dangerous at times, and reveals too much about himself. When Varloo got the better of him, he was surprised at this; which I however wasn't. I had a feeling he wasn't to be trusted; not the way he could trust me.  And now he's playing games with this Earth woman named Angelica...........




My people call me Dormiton, and I live on an island we call masgria, or home. I have lived here all my life until Jeff arrived. We had been living in caves, gathering what food we could on the island, and we were happy in our own way. Jeff, however, showed us how to make our life easier; how to build huts to live in, how to grow our own food, and how to hunt if we wished. We refused, however, because our gods would not allow it.
We believed at first that Jeff was a god, but he insisted that he wasn't. He had shown us things we had never seen before, and items we had never heard of. If it wasn't for his know how, I don't know what we would have done. I am thankful to him for that, and if he needs my help, I would give my life for him. Our whole life was changed when we met him, and we knew we had to be by his side no matter what was going to happen.
However this whole thing called war turns out, I hope we all are at least together when we either win against these Tolarions, or die trying. I am just thankful that I have found four of the most wonderful friends in this thing Jeff calls the universe........




They call me Riona, and I was the leader of the Galactic Republic. I was born on Tios 4, a world that was beginning to deteriorate. When I left, I was severely affected by an alien organism that had wiped out most of my race. I landed on a planet called Tolaria, where a human cured me of my disease with a substance known as Triachilite. The side affect of the drug gave me mental powers that were beyond my beliefs.
I left the world long before the Tolarions came to power, and joined the Republic shortly after that, becoming an advisor, then worked my way up to to council member, and then to President of the Council. When I found out who my "creator" was, I felt it was only right to be loyal to him only. That is when I turned against the Federation and began to help the Tolarions in their plan to overthrow them.
If it wasn't for my old friend, Zarcon and his traitor friends, we would have succeeded in our plan sooner. Zarcon is a powerful adversary, but as those senseless humans say 'The bigger they are the harder they fall.' Once I get the death ray aimed at the Republic's pathetic headquarters, they will come begging for us to spare them.....




My name is Zarcon,and I am the President of the planetary base on the planet Beloria. It is not my native world, merely a planet that was colonized by my species when we were capable of space travel. My parents were from the planet Zarcharus, and we left when I was just a boy. They became ambassadors to Beloria, and I worked my way up to President.
Our race is an insect-like race that uses telepathy to communicate. At first we were not able to do this, but as our kind ingested a substance called Triachilite, which is a type of flower on our home planet, we slowly genetically, became telepathic. We have a peaceful race that only defends itself when it has to, and we have several of our colonies working with the federation to maintain peace throughout the galaxy.
When the Tolarions repeatedly violated treaties, and Riona turned against us, I knew it would mean trouble. I had to work with the Martian Jeff Walker and the council to regain our position in the galaxy. However, with Riona stealing our most powerful weapon, I knew the odds were against us....




My name is Balta. I am the leader of the Tolarion army, and I was created along with others from human, simian, and alien genes to create a hybrid race of superior beings. Although I was created by a human, a man named Akros, AKA Dr. Louis Avery from a planet called Earth, I am fully capable of making my own decisions.
My decision is to irradicate the human race. Akros taught me everything I needed to know about them and their destructive ways, and that they would eventually eliminate our kind. I just feel that we needed a little added protection, so that is why I involved my good friend Riona, who was also mutated from human genes.
Eventually, Akros became a problem that we both had to deal with. Everything was working perfectly, until the Martian Jeff Walker got involved with our plan. That meddling human cost me everything-him and his oddball friends.
Every time Riona got close to killing him, someone would help him out. All I want is to crush these damn humans! They are the most persistent creatures I've ever seen. If I get the chance, I'm going to rip his throat out!




My name is Major Jeff Walker. I was born on February 17th, 2113 on a Martian colony. My parents Michael and Marion were originally born orbiting the planet Earth in the space station Endronomis. My grandfather, Colonel Thomas Walker was originally from what was left of Earth.
He was born in a military bomb shelter deep within the bowels of the planet.
He joined the NASA space academy in 2052, and slowly worked his way up to Colonel. He had a son, Michael in 2081 who later joined the newly transformed NASA Martian space administration to begin the colonization of Mars.
His son is yours truly, and I, of course, followed in their footsteps. My father was a transporter pilot, but I chose not to take that path. I didn't want to be responsible for all those people. My parents were killed in a return flight to Mars when an engine exploded and sent them to the surface of Earth. It was a painful part of my life, but as the years went by I learned to adapt to life as an orphan. My uncle was a big part of my life after that, and he was the one to encourage me to join the academy. I didn't want to be a transporter, however, I preferred scientific research instead. I would go to faraway moons and collect things, such as soil or rock samples. It did get kind of boring-until I met them.
Now I'm not the type of guy to jump out of my boots at my first sight of an alien, but these were the most hideous things I've ever seen-one eye, gnarling teeth, and thick black fur. I didn't know that I was about to enter the wildest ride I would take for some time.



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