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Tolaria was the planet where Dr. Louis Avery went to create a race of chimpanzee-human hybrids, and Jeff Walker stopped Riona from using the Belorion death ray on the Galactic Republic of Peaceful Civilizations headquarters, located on Sentros.

Tolaria formerly was a warm world, with some volcanic activity. There were no oceans here, so plate tectonics only occur through convection below the surface. The atmosphere is Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and various other gases and elements.


There is only one indigenous life form on this world, other than Avery and the Tolarions, called the Kirak. It isn't brought up in the book because it will be explained in a later novel. It is a six legged arthropod called a kirak, with an insatiable appetite for other kiraks. Due to the prolific mating practices of the species, it has managed to somehow survive in an extremely hostile environment, until the fusion explosion, which sent the planet off orbit, and caused it to become a cold, barren, rocky world.


The untouched Tolaria was orginally an uninhabited world that Dr. Avery felt would be best to continue his work with his disease.  His body was altered because of the change of his molecular structure through the wormhole, and found that Tolaria was the only world where he could breathe Nitrous oxide and oxygen. To humans, the atmosphere was poisonous, but he accommodated humans with an artifical oxygen enriched facility, as he sometimes needed them for experimental purposes. As he used his own genes blended with chimpanzees, he created the monsters known as the Tolarions. They became one-eyed monsters with four lungs, sharp teeth, claws, and the ability to speak and think like humans.


Indeed, Dr. Avery taught them everything he knew, including the thirst for conquest. As they populated the planet, their empire grew immense in less than one hundred years, and began to attack Republic and neutral outposts all over their galaxy, and eventually our own. Avery's wormhole technology, as well as other stolen Republic technology, helped them to develop ships that were able to pass between universes and galaxies.




The world of Belor is a cold, desolate place with gravity and atmosphere similar to Mars. It was discovered by the Zacharians, when they began to colonize on other worlds.  It orbits a red dwarf sun, about every 500 days, and is part of the larger Vortar-Mali system, which also contains Ventros.

The Zacharians settled there many years before Avery entered the wormhole, and built a colony within an artifically created, structured dome. They created an environment that supported vegetation for them to eat, as well as water to drink. Zarcon  is their leader, and delegate to the Republic. Although the Belorions are Zacharains don't officially call themselves part of the Republic, they respect their treaties, and accept their protection on occasion.

Belor is also a world of innovation. It is the Belorions who created the fusion powered doomsday ray, capable of destroying worlds. It is  instrumental in the first book, when Riona steals the weapon for his own use against the Republic.

The Belorions were the most advanced of the Zacharian race, achieving the highest level of telepathic and telekinetic powers possible for their race. They were able to do this without the use of the drug Triachilite, as their ancestors had in the past.  Riona only surpassed their ability  after he was mutated, and took the triachilite to cure his disease.

The planet itself was destroyed after Riona accused Zarcon of treason, and blamed him for its destruction.  Riona killed 80,000 of its inhabitants, and started an interstellar war.



Ventros is the name the Republic gave to the tropical world that the Lingworts call Masgria, or "home."  Jeff Walker was brought here by the Tolarions and left for dead. He, of course, survived and met the Lingworts, the most advanced beings on the primitive planet.


Ventros has polar regions, but they are  very small and limited. The Earth-like planet is slightly warmer than our own, and the air is a little heavier.  The gravity is about the same, and most of the world is water, except for tropical regions near the equator, and some land in the Northern and southern regions as well. It is slightly larger than our own world, and there is considerable volcanic activity near the equator, and along the tectonic plates, but none on the island that is inhabited by the Lingworts. Due to the two moons, tidal forces change dramatically, and they are forced to seek higher ground when moons are closer to the planet.

Like Earth, there are several specials of mammals, birds, fish, and arthropods that live on the world, many similar to our own, such as tigers, wild boars, monkeys, and so on. The Lingworts themselves are mostly vegetarians, although they sometimes eat fish and insects.


They have evolved small vocal cords which helped them to learn a simple language, and have customs similar to primitive earth tribes. They lived in caverns, until Jeff taught them to build huts, fires, and to learn simple English. They have an extraordinarily large brain for amphibians, which helped them develop their primitive culture, and are bipedal as well.


Ventros was an undisturbed world until the Tolarions arrived to mine the Triachilite which was there. Jeff stumbled accidentally onto their base, after his friends had seen lights coming from the cove, and they went to the caverns for protection. Jeff destroyed their base to protect his friends, and found himself involved in an interstellar and intergalactic war.



Zacharas is a hot tropical world orbiting the yellow giant star called Matari. Its surface temperatures range from 90° to 120° on average near the equator. There are no polar regions on this world, and its gravity and atmosphere are similar to Earth, although the air is slightly heavier. The Matari system contains six planets, and at least thirty moons. There are only two inhabited planets in the system, Maol, and Zacharas.  Most of the planet is covered in thick jungle, with various mountain ranges and some volcanic activity.

Misty jungle

Zacharas is home to the arthropod race known as the Zacharians. They are divided into two distinct species; the Barok, which are the more intelligent innovators of space travel, and the Vanatu, who are the primitive, ancient, custom oriented, warlike species. Zarcon, who was the brother of Zatar and Zatilla left the planet when the Republic allowed Zacharas to enter the alliance, and they began to colonize other worlds in nearby systems.


Zacharas is of great importance to other alien races, because there is a rich supply of the telekinetic drug, Triachilite, which the Zacharians have learned to mine and refine the substance. The Barok have developed an inherited telekinetic ability from the drug, due to their larger brain capacity, whereas the Vanatu's use of it only enhances telepathic powers. Garlicians and the Tolarions have repeatedly attacked and controlled the planet for this purpose; using both species as slaves to mine the substance for their own use.


Jeff Walker first experiences the world when their battle cruiser, the Renake, commanded by Captain John Carver, is attacked by Balta and the Garlician fleet. They are forced to abandon it, and commandeer a smaller fusion powered craft to the world for refuge. This is where he meets both of Zarcon's brothers, and the battle between their clans.



Garlicia is a hostile world, orbiting the first of two red dwarf stars in the Marlon system. It seldom gets above 70° surface temperature here, the atmosphere is Oxygen-Nitrogen, like ours, and the air is thin, but breathable. It has two moons, which sometimes cross orbits with the moons of Tetra 2.

Tetra 2 is smaller than Garlicia, so it has a minimal effect on its orbit, and they are far enough apart not to collide.  They are similar in the length of their years and days.  Days are approximately 12 hours long here, and years are about 89 days.


There are few life forms here, except those that burrow underground, called tunnel borers, and the Garlicians themselves, who have had to survive off the meat of the borers, and other animals they have imported to the world through space travel.  There is some edible forms of vegetation, but there are several poisonous plants as well. Most vegetation is near the equatorial region. The polar caps are mostly frozen water and ice, and most of the world's terrain is rocky and barren.


Garlicia is the world where Angelica Avery is brought by Balta to help re-clone his race. It is also a world of the brutal 7 feet tall Garlicians, and their savage killing rituals and games. They bring aliens from all over the galaxy there to participate and die in their inhumane festivities.

They believe in no treaties, only conquest.  They attacked the world of Zacharas, leaving a once great civilization in shambles, and ravaging the precious drug Triachilite for their own use.  The Garlicians once were confined to their own planet, and are still only just beginning to understand faster than light travel. The technology was stolen from the Zacharians and Republic spies.

zebula 1


There is much debate about the world of Zebula, which is the only planet in our series which is actually in our own universe.  The  age of the planet is a mystery, but most of the Republic's scientific community believes it is at least six to seven billion years old. Even the Talokians who inhabited the planet are unsure of its age. The planet is somewhat controlled by the biological computer called Varmoth, designed by the Talokians when they first came here.


It is a world of mostly water, and land only around the equatorial regions, with vegetation in those areas. The polar regions are frozen ice and rocky as well. In the equatorial area there are lush jungle areas, and dry desert areas as well.

The Talokians regressed in evolution when they first came here. Without the human DNA, they reverted back to their reptilian roots, after building Varmoth, and almost destroying their new world. Once Jeff Walker met Varmoth, his DNA was used to recreate the Talokian race, and repopulate the world.


The Talokians are benevolent race, and most of the time stay out of others' affairs, but they believe in intergalactic peace, and will assist others to achieve it. They are one of the most advanced races in my stories, and are similar to how  the Andronians used to be. They are six to seven feet tall, and are extremely strong, as well as intelligent. They were allowed delegates in the Republic, even though they are outsiders to their galaxy, and gave a great deal of warp technology to the Republic, as well as wormhole technology.


Although Barva and Jalok have minor parts in the stories, they are essential, as they help the Republic defeat the Tolarion and Garlician empires. The Talokians are telekinetic and telepathic, are able to create immense structures in a matter of hours using their mental abilities. They have the ability to assimilate information ten times faster than any other known race.

On Thursday, we'll take a look at our next stop in our series,  Aldron, soon to be in my third and fourth book of the series(yes, I said fourth.) In the third book, it's only mentioned by name. In the fourth book, Angelica Avery actually goes there.



Aldron is the world of the Andronians, or better known as the Greys. Aldron is an ancient world which is ten billions years old, and one of the many that the Greys inhabit. The Andronians are inter- dimensional beings, having the ability to pass through wormholes to other universes. They've had this ability for at least 2,000,000 years. They are telepathic beings, and can only achieve telekinetic powers through the drug Triachilite. They do have the ability to paralyze a human being through the use of telepathy.


The world is mostly rocky, although there is some vegetation around the lake and river areas. The atmosphere is similar to ours, but there are two suns, one a yellow giant, and the other a white dwarf. It is part of a five planet system, and the only one in the habitable zone.


The Andronians existed long before the Republic was formed; they have visited Earth for thousands of years, and have abducted humans for their experiments. At first, their intentions were peaceful, but as they began to divide into two factions, there grew a resentment by some against humans.  The Andronian council outlawed any inter dimensional travel that could be harmful towards humans, and thoroughly enforced it.

In my new book, which will hopefully be out by June, we discover Varloo's true identity, and his motives. Though considered an ally to Angelica in the last book, he has ulterior plans against the human race. I don't want to give too much away, although I can say that I am ahead of schedule, having completed the first draft and a rewrite already. I will soon finish the final draft, after I have it edited by editors.


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